Hello #SadaPeople

Living in a very multicultural environment made Cathy Sharon believes that diversity is not about how we differ, but embracing another’s uniqueness; including the uniqueness in everyone’s beauty. As Indonesian actress, producer, model, entrepreneur, and social media personality, she started her interest in beauty industry in 2016 by creating a collaboration lipstick line with Beauty Box that sold more than 45.000 units.

As a true beauty enthusiast with an unwavering passion for beauty that has grown into a mission - to empower women by giving the various range of makeup, Cathy Sharon decide to create her own brand and develop new product started in 2018.

SADA by Cathy Sharon wants to bring Indonesian cosmetic to another level and set an aim not only for locals, but also International market by partnering with Wonderful Indonesia (organized by Ministry of Tourism of Republic Indonesia).

“Every woman should feel beautiful about themselves. Each one has beauty in them, but not everyone sees it. There are no 1 single type of beauty, therefore, the strength lies in the differences, and not how to make everyone similar.”